What to Expect at Bluestem Acupuncture


As an Oriental Medicine practitioner, Kimberly Vester-Couch treats the cause and the physical expression of a disorder. A treatment plan is designed specifically for the patient based on the root cause of an illness or disorder and the current presentation of symptoms that collectively define their condition. Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a preventive approach to health and wellness. Whether you suffer from aching joints in the winter, allergies that are worse in the spring, or emotional strain and/or stress, Acupuncture can make a difference.


Acupuncture is a very effective treatment for pain, acute or chronic. Kimberly Vester-Couch has extensive knowledge of muscular- skeletal interaction from 20 years as a licensed Shiatsu Therapist. In addition to Acupuncture, Fire Cupping, and Moxabustion, she utilizes Tiuna Anmo (syndrome specific acupressure) for palpatory diagnosis and as a treatment option.


When the patient is an active participant in improving their overall wellness, the potential for the body to restore balance and health is greatly improved. Patient education includes: Qigong exercises for specific treatment goals; Tiuna Anmo, syndrome specific self massage techniques; Chinese Medical Diet to improve patient's overall constitution.




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